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This is one of the best waist trainers I've ever had. Definitely snatches your entire midsection and you sweat the inches off effortlessly! Definitely will be buying again once my waist gets too small for my current size.

I just recently purchased a waist trainer from Foreign Measures and I am in love! This is my very first waist trainer and it's not uncomfortable in any way, it's stylish and shapes the body SOOOO GOOD! I highly recommend Foreign Measures by Kim. You won't be disappointed.

The best waist trainer ive ever had. The measures on the waist trainer is perfect, holds you just like you need to be held. You'll see imporvement QUICK! Go shop with Foreign Measures.

- Hani Jeylani (*Verified Customer*)

Once I purchased my Foreign Measures waist sculptor I was literally 146. I am now at a solid 130 my goal was to lose my stomach and waist line and I've been seen progress since day 1. I also use the sweat gel and I love wearing it on the hottest days you have to know what your doing to reach the goal you want and I thank Kim for also teaching me good fitness and nutrition habits the foreign way with her lifestyle coaching. Proud customer for sure!

- Jaszarell Talford (*Verified Customer*)

I love my waist triner. I've been wearing it for a little over a month and have actually seen a difference already. It's very comfortable and I love that i'm still able to move around freely the way I want while I wear it. I definitely reccomend this waist sculptor!

Caressa Tolliver (*Verified Customer*)

Okay... I got my first waist trainer in February and I just bought another one I had to stop working out due to personal reasons but my results the first time I seen in a week I was already loosing inches around my waist and stomach area. I highly recommend Foreign Measures the quality of my waist trainer is really good and the customer service was also amazing!

- Kiarra Danielle (*Verified Customer*)

I really love how the waist trainer is to fit to slim both horizontally and vertically on my waist and how it has already helped me trim my waist by a few inches within a month. 

- Katie Mary (*Verified Customer*)

- Jai Khemraj (*Verified Customer*)

- Cindy Braxton (*Verified Customer*)

This waist trainer provides great support. The double bands around the waist makes you feel very secure. My posture is better and it keeps my girls sitting high while I workout providing more support. This was the first waist trainer I purchased and I am very pleased with it. I almost want to get another one already because now they have new colors! Highly Recommend

- Divine Islam (*Verified Customer*)

Kim's customer service was outstanding! I've been 100% satisfied with my purchase! Not to mention she came to me, measured me and also gave me other products to use (Slimming tea and sweat gel) which I now love, to sample for FREE! Not only are her products very comfortable. they're cute too! I wear mine to work, out and of course to the gym and still receive lots of compliments on the product!

- Anthonique Da'Shara (*Verified Customer*)

At first I was sceptical of buying the waist trainer because I'd had recieved a couple terrible waist trainers before. However, I just knew that this waist trainer would be different. To begin, the customer service was amazing! Kim helped me pick the right size so I would be the most comfortable while shaping my waist and took her time explaining everything that I needed to know. My experience wearing the waist trainer was incredible! I started to wear the waist trainer while working out for an hour over a few weeks, I saw not only my waist define more but the small tummy oug had slim down as well. HANDS DOWN this is the best waist trainer in the game! 

- Valerie Yarbrough (*Verified Customer*)

- Jasharee Braxton *Verified Customer*

- Nancy Botwin-Reyes (*Verified Customer*)

Foreign Measures has been a great company to work with. I received my waist trainer and a complementary sweat gel. I literally fell in love with the fabric of the waist trainer and how it fits my body and being little its very hard to find a waist trainer that actually fits my body. With the sweat gel you can actually FEEL it working and that it gives me hope with seeing and feeling progression. HIGHLY recommend and definitely interested in any other products Foreign Measures releases. 

Ive tried sooo many waist trainer belts and I either did not have a great results or trouble keeping it on in one place. Until I tried Foreign Measures waist trainer belt, was the best one I've purchased and results show!

Foreign Measures by Kim is the only company who's waist trainer works for my frame. I bought 3 others before and this is the only one that's comfortable enough to wear all day and does it's job, it's worth every penny. 

- Shali Emani (*Verified Customer*)