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About Us

“We Believe That The Way To Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness Is Through Taking A Comprehensive Approach To Fitness And Nutrition”. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the knowledge, guidance and support needed for people of all ethnicities and body types around the world, to achieve their health and wellness goals. At Foreign Measures, we strive to provide our clients and customers with not only the highest quality products, but also the tools they need to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, or simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, Foreign Measures is here to help. 

Our History

Foreign Measures is a health and wellness company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and founded in 2019. Our founder and CEO Kim, developed a passion for fitness and nutrition while pursuing her own weight-loss journey and that is when she decided to pursue a career in health and wellness in order to help others reach their goals, like she did. Stemming from that passion, Foreign Measures was founded and ever since Kim has been helping people all over the world make their health and wellness journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Pilates Instructor

Why Choose Us

Professional Experience

Our team of experienced experts provide the latest information & are passionate about fitness, nutrition, health, and wellness and are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.  

A Brand You Can Trust

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services that are effective, safe, and created with the highest standards of quality control. All of our products are rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards. 

Secure Purchases

Our website is encrypted with the latest SSL technology and all payments are securely processed through our encrypted payment system. We use the latest fraud protection technology to ensure that all of your purchases are safe and secure.

Everything You Need

Our range of products and services include nutrition coaching, fitness programs, personalized fitness training, activewear, and fitness accessories used to enhance your workouts and assist you with achieving and maintain your health and wellness goals.

Meet The Owner & CEO


Kim Monteto

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About Me.

Hello, My name is Kim Monteto. I am the CEO, founder, and owner of Foreign Measures. I am a 2nd-generation, American immigrant from Cuban and Filipino decent. I like to refer to myself as a life coach, because I am dedicated to helping people change their lives not just lose weight. Not only am I a certified nutritionist and personal trainer, I also have 5 additional fitness specialty certifications. As a mother of 3, and an ovarian cancer survivor, I have struggled throughout the years with my own health and wellness. This led me to find a proper balance between fitness and nutrition, and that allowed me to better myself from the inside and out.  Taking a precise and comprehensive approach to achieve optimal health and wellness became a lifestyle. Therefore my purpose is to do everything I can to help others reach their goals as well, no matter what they may be. 

Education & Experience 



Sports Sciences Association

Personal Trainer certification

Nutritionist Certification 


International Sports Science Association

Specialty Certifications:

- Youth Fitness Instructor

- Corrective Exercise Specialist 

- Transformation Specialist 

- Strength and Conditioning 

- Group Fitness Instructor 


University of Arizona 

Pursuing a bachelors degree in Nutritional Science and minors in Kinesiology & Business


Foreign Measures LLC

CEO of a health and wellness company, and actively working as a personal trainer. 

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